“We are over 80 people that have been working on the short film BEING GOOD for the last 2 years. We received 2 Awards of Excellence and 3 Awards for Best Animated Short in 2018.”

Our team consists of 80 professionals that are working on this in their spare time. Several of us are employed at major companies like Disney, Dreamworks, Illumination Entertainment, Sony, ILM etc. Our final Short film premiered at the CTN Animation Expo in LA 2017 and was incredibly well received. Our festival circuit has just recently finished and we are proud to announce that we screened at 17 festivals worldwide, made 1 Semi-Finalist, 2 Finalists, received 2 Awards of Excellence and 3 Awards for Best Animated Short.

We started BEING GOOD as a proof of concept for a potential feature film adaptations but have recently also begun working on an adaptation for an animated TV show. We are currently in conversation with several distributors and production companies about bringing BEING GOOD to life and actively looking for funding.

We want to thank all our sponsors that have supported us throughout our journey:  Solid Angle, Frame.io, Syncsketch, Artstation, Sketchfab and Artella.

If you want to follow our progress please check out our links to tumblr, facebook and Artella!



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