Our story is about Embry and her two guardians, the Angel Ava and the Demon Mal who act as her conscience. “Being Good” (the feature film concept) is about Identity and the importance of family. Its about finding your own voice during teenagehood. It has a very humorous approach as a fantasy adventure comedy but touches on realistic issues kids are facing nowadays. Such as divorce and society expectations. It also highlights the normality of modern patchwork families.

We are currently developing a concept proposals for a 90 minutes animated Feature Film and animated TV series (22 minutes x 26 episodes). BEING GOOD is aimed at families and kids aged 6-10 years.

We have already received a lot of interest from great directors, producers, writers and production houses. If you are interested in receiving our full pitch document please reach out to our director Jenny Harder (harderjenny@gmail.com).



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